All the light we cannot see S1E1

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Today, we’ll discuss the Netflix limited series All the Light We Cannot See, which premiered on November 2, 2023, and consists of four episodes. This television series is based on a 2014 book. American novelist Anthony Doerr published his war book All the Light We Cannot See in 2014. Many honors and recognition have come to this work. Both the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction were awarded to the book.
The narrative of a Brave and lonely blind girl who battles the horrors carried out by the German Nazis in the small village of Saint Malo is told in this web series, which is set during World War II.

  • Platform Released on NETFLIX
  • Released on: 02 November 2023
  • IMDb RATING: 7.9/10 (1.1K)
  • Geners: Drama, War, Based on Books & US.

Star Cast: All the light we cannot see

All the light we cannot see
  • Aria Mia Loberti as MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC
  • Louis Hofmann as WERNER PFENNIG
  • Mark Ruffalo as DANIEL LEBLANC
  • Hugh Laurie as ETIENNE LEBLANC
  • Lars Eidinger as REINHOLD VON RUMPEL
  • Marion Bailey as MADAME MANEC
  • Luna Wedler as JUTTA

Directed by: Shawn Levy

Season and Episode

  • Episode1- 1h 2m
  • Episode2- 51m
  • Episode3- 1h 2m
  • Episode4- 53m

Story and Plotting: All the light we cannot see S1E1

All the light we cannot see

The story begins with a dark black night in which the sea water is slowly spreading the light of moonlight in the black night, when in August 1944, the United Nations united to liberate Saint Malo, a small town of France situated on the sea shore, from the Nazis. The US Air Force started dropping ammunition. Amidst the rain of bombs on the city, a girl is broadcasting on the radio in which she is addressing her uncle ETIENNE LEBLANC and her father DANIEL LEBLANC through the radio, raising a hope in hopelessness that you guys should come home And then the girl reads out the story from the book given by her father.

“Everyone is unaware of the depth of the sea and what creatures live in this depth and some of them are beasts that live in the darkness of the sea.”

All the light we cannot see

The same two German soldiers have a drink while accepting their last moments. The soldier, WERNER PFENNIG, tells that before joining the army, he used to listen to French radio, which was a death sentence against Hitler’s rule because at that time He was listening of the girl brodcast that reminded him of the broadcasts he heard in his childhood From this broadcast, WERNER PFENNIG comes to know that the girl is in nearby because the sound of dropping Bomb falling was similar.
Then a bomb falls and both of them get buried under the debris.

All the light we cannot see

The story reaches the third plot where a German soldier REINHOLD VON RUMPEL asks for the address of a blind girl in a bar but when the bar owner does not tell, he shoots her.

All the light we cannot see

The next scene shows MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC’s childhood, in which her father DANIEL LEBLANC takes her daughter on her birthday to the museum where he works. Where he introduces his daughter to many valuable stones but there is one stone which he does not give because that stone is cursed.which name is sea of flams.

The Americans warn in advance that if there is another attack tomorrow, they should leave the city, but the Germans do not allow any citizen of the city to leave, on the other hand, Werner Pfennig survives and comes out of the debris. is. But his radio wire breaks because his job is to decode the radio messages for the Germans and catch the illegal transmission. Which is part of his work.WERNER PFENNIG has been intelligent about radio/transmission since childhood. It is said about him that

half human and half transmitter

MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC goes to a shop where she meets her uncle ETIENNE LEBLANC, who tells her to keep reading the story so that the Americans can know the locations of German soldiers. In this way both of them were fighting against the Germans for the freedom of France. MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC had complete knowledge of the streets of Saint-Malo because her father had prepared a model of Saint-Malo from which MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC used to practice daily. shopkeeper is revealed that a German soldier is searching for MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC.

All the light we cannot see

A German military officer comes to WERNER PFENNIG and says that the precise targeting of the Americans shows that someone or the other is giving information about the location of the German soldiers to the Americans through a common message and your job is to find him. Due to the death of WERNER PFENNIG’s partner, a German military officer asks a transmission expert to work with WERNER PFENNIG and says that he is the topper of your college. Hearing this, WERNER PFENNIG understands that the topper is lying because he himself is the topper of that college.

In the next scene, REINHOLD VON RUMPEL goes to a woman while searching for the girl and asks about the blind girl and asks her to choose between money and death.

WERNER PFENNIG was listening to the broadcast when his companion comes from behind and asks what are you listening to. Then he snatches the transmission and starts narrating. Then WERNER PFENNIG offers a drink to the German soldier and scares him by revealing his topper secret. This is because getting admitted by lying is a death sentence, becouse german Soldier can not listen the girl broadcast. Then that German soldier leaves the transmission and starts drinking. Later the German soldier with a gun in his hand says that one secret is mine and one secret is also yours because you were just listening to the broadcast of a girl whom you want to save. Then there is a fight between the two and the German soldier is killed by WERNER PFENNIG.

All the light we cannot see

In the next phase of the story, REINHOLD VON RUMPEL follows the blind girl who goes to eat oysters in the sea tunnel. There he catches the girl and asks her where the sea of flames is. MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC says she doesn’t know because her father never told her about it. Even after asking several times, MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC doesn’t tell, so he takes out his gun and shoots MARIE-LAURE LEBLANC. And this is where the first episode of All the light we cannot see ends.

Review: All the light we cannot see

All the light we cannot see E1 This episode is from the time of World War when it tells the story of France’s struggle against the Germans, so that today’s generation can place themselves in that era and see how inhumane the conditions were at that time, which is better today than yesterday. | The plotting of the story of the episode is simple and will not keep you in suspense much, there is no new twist in the story. But it keeps you connected with the story. The direction is very good. Cinematography is also very good especially when there is bombing and explosive. One special thing in this series is that literary and philosophical matters have been properly presented in its dialogues, which is commendable.

My Rating of All the light we cannot see: 7.2/10

credit to NETFLIX

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